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Let us walk honestly, as in the dayŚRom.13:13.


 Each one should see to it that he is honest, not only in matters of dollars and cents, but honest in his treatment of his neighbors, in his treatment of the brethren, and above all, honest in his confessions respecting his God and his faith. The test is being made along this line, and those who love the favor of men rather than the favor of God, and who dishonestly are willing to confess and profess a lie, will be given up to their lie, will be permitted to blight their eternal interests, will be proving themselves unfit for the Kingdom whatever else they may ultimately become fit for.



Parallel passages:   Phil. 4: 8; Col. 1:12, 13; Cant. 2: 7,17;  1.Cor. 13: 12;  Rev. 22: 5;  1.Pet.2:12;  2. Pet.. 3:11,12;  2.Cor. 6:7;  Eph. 6:13-18;   1.Pet. 4:7,8;.  1.Thes. 5:4-8;  John 9:4.