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He shall call upon me, and I will answer him:

I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him—Psa. 91:15.


 It is always our blessed privilege to carry our sorrows and vexations to the Lord;

    "For He knows                         

How to steal the bitter from life’s woes."

He does it by showing us, through experience, the vanity of all earthly things and their utter inability to satisfy the soul’s cravings, or to comfort the wounded spirit. Then comes the thought that however vexing our experiences, they will soon be over; and if we permit them to do so, they will only work out in us the peaceable fruits of righteousness, and develop in us strong and noble characters, disciplined to thorough self-control, thoughtful consideration, patient endurance of affliction and loving loyalty and faithfulness and trust in God.



Parallel passages: Job 14: 14, 15; Psa. 27: 8; 50:15; 145:18; Matt. 6:6; 7:7,8; John 16: 23-26; Dan. 12:1-3; Psa. 21:2,4; 107:6,7;  2.Tim. 4:8,18; Rev. 2:7,10,17,26,27; 3:4,5,12,21.