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He hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors—Isa. 53:12.


 As everyone who follows the Master’s footsteps must needs have some Gethsemane experiences, so also each must have a taste at least of all the Master’s experiences. Let us not forget, then, to look about us for opportunities for serving the “brethren,” the “little ones,” the fellow disciples of Christ. Let each be careful not to add to the reproaches that must fall upon all the followers of the Lamb, but on the contrary to offer words of sympathy, and to help bear each other’s crosses, difficulties and trials by the way. Thus can we best show to our Lord and Head how we would have appreciated the opportunity of helping Him bear His cross on the way to Calvary.



Parallel passages: Gen. 3:15; Psa. 22: 1-21; 69:21; Isa. 53; Dan. 9: 26; Zech. 12: 10; 13: 7; Matt. 27:1-50; Mark 15:1-37; Luke 23:1-46; John 18:28;19: 30.