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Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you—John 6:53.


 Gladly, dear Lord, we eat (appropriate to our necessities) the merit of Thy pure nature sacrificed for us—for our justification. Gladly, too, we will partake of the cup of suffering with Thee, realizing it to be a blessed privilege to suffer with Thee, that in due time we may also reign with Thee; to be dead with Thee that in the everlasting future we may live with Thee, and be like Thee and share Thy love and Thy glory as Thy Bride. Oh! that we may be faithful, not only in the performance of the symbol, but also of the reality. Blessed Lord, we hear Thy Word saying, “Ye shall indeed drink of my cup and be baptized with my baptism.” Lord, we are not of ourselves able thus to sacrifice; but Thy grace is sufficient for us; for we are wholly Thine, now and forever.



Parallel passages: Matt. 26: 26-28;  1.Cor. 11:23-29;  John 6: 47-58;  1.Cor. 10: 16; Rom. 6: 3-10; 8:10; 1.Cor. 15: 29-34;  Col. 1: 24;  2.Tim. 2:10-12;  Heb. 13: 13-16.