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 The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace—Psa. 29:11.


  If you have trials and temptations which you are able to overcome, and which are working out in your character patience, experience, brotherly kindness, sympathy and love, rejoice and offer the prayer of thanksgiving and acknowledgment of Divine mercy and help. If your trials seem heavier than you can bear, and likely to crush you, take the matter to the great Burden-bearer, and ask His help in bearing’ whatever would do you good, and release from all that would do you no good, but which would injure you.



Parallel passages: Job 34: 9; Psa. 18: 2, 35; Isa. 26: 3,12; 27: 5; 28: 12; Eph. 1:19; 3: 7, 16; Col.1: 29; 2:12; Phil. 4: 7, 9; Matt. 11: 28-30; John 14: 1, 27; Rom. 5:1; Col. 3:15.