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Coming from and going to is a quest on which mankind has been embarked ever since Eden, each generation more or less replaying the same theme. The subtext of the collective experience is that we are, at best, only tolerably satisfied with the state of things. Many of us journey for years in a secular wilderness before we come to our settled, spiritual home – the Cross.


The early Christian years are usually energetic and filled with bright hope. The astounding recognition that our sins have been forgiven in Christ is the start of a new way of thinking and doing. But like the natural life this one becomes jaded over time. The freshness wears off and we lose the zip and zing. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be overcome by temptations peculiar to our personality or circumstances. Poor judgement may send us off in an ungodly direction. Family troubles, secret failings, or carelessness as to the situations in which we place ourselves – these are points of attack on the integrity of our character, and they dull the shine of our consecration.


In reaction to all this we are tempted to resign ourselves to something less in our spiritual life than the bright blue sky, shrug, and say ‘at least it’s not raining.’ But passive acceptance lights few fires or scales high mountains. Success in anything requires a lively commitment to a principle or a cause. If we allow the discouraging word of the everyday world to drizzle despair in our hearts we will get bogged down. Despair is a vicious taskmaster. It attacks from all sides and it opens a gap between us and our Lord. It hisses in our ear that we have lost His favour. That now having wandered so far away, it’s hopeless trying to return.


We must treat this mental assault for the nonsense that it is. The promise of the Saviour to forgive and to abide with us remains. In His intimate address to His disciples, Jesus said ‘the Father himself loves you’ (John 16:27). Imagine that! It’s as if Jesus and God had been in conversation and the God of the Universe had said, ‘tell them from me that I love them dearly’. Discouragement is blasted to smithereens at such a pronouncement! The power of the Father who loves you is not shackled by your sins. His promise to forgive you, through Christ, does not expire.



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